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Re: What do I need to do to prepare for natural childbirth?

I was ready and really REALLY wanted an all natural childbirth, but it was as far from it as possible... David ended up being almost 2 weeks late so after an ultrasound it was determined that I needed to be induced. Then after starting pitocin his heart rate started dropping and was not recovering. I was then rushed (RUN) down the hall to the OR for a C-section under general anesticia (sp?) because there was not time for an epidural. He was born minutes later but it was HOURS before I was awake and the next day before I could even hold him.
Throughout all of this, I felt complete peace! I will say it was because 1st off my faith but then because a childbirth educator told our class READ ABOUT C-SECTIONS! She gave the stats and said out of our group going by numbers alone 3 couples would be having one. I was SO GLAD I read up on them - so I wasn't terrified or unprepared. I was just disappointed, but my baby boy wouldn't have survived a vaginal delivery, so I wouldn't change it. I love my son to pieces and the C/S was worth it to have him! All that to say-
BE PREPARED! Just in case. I hope everything is smooth for you and you get to have your natural delivery!!!

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