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Re: Irritable uterus

Originally Posted by mamaratliff View Post
I just learned to check my own cervix last time. There was just no way that I could possibly have gone in every time I had more than 5 an hour like they wanted me to. I would just check once a week or so, and things weren't changing, so I just rested, drank my water, and hung out until he was born 2 days before his dd
I understand that. I felt like I lived there sometimes. I went in though, nothing different with the 32 week incident where I dilated then started having contrax hard core. 6 shots of terb later each 20 min apart it stopped. I was really close to being put on mag.

Originally Posted by dreamingkristin View Post
Ok. Dr checked. Cervix is still closed so that's good news. But had 2 contractions while he was checking cervix and measurements.
I asked about terb. Or Procardia and he doesn't wanna start those this early especially if cervix is good. Wants to save something in reserve in case we need meds later on.

So orders to take it easy and just watch and wait for now
That is good news your cervix is still closed. Make sure you drink plenty of water. I noticed if I got behind in it it would kick the contrax up. I had a bottle of water with me at all times.
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