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Re: Irritable uterus

Originally Posted by mamaratliff View Post
I just learned to check my own cervix last time. There was just no way that I could possibly have gone in every time I had more than 5 an hour like they wanted me to. I would just check once a week or so, and things weren't changing, so I just rested, drank my water, and hung out until he was born 2 days before his dd
Yup, me too. I started having an irritable uterus with my twin pregnancy at 22 weeks. I was put on procardia and bedrest. I spent the last 5 weeks at 4cm and 75% effaced and delivered at 39 weeks. I've had another 2 pregnancies and the contractions start early. I spend the last half of my pregnancy with very consistent contractions 4-6min. For 20 weeks, lol. So fun. But yes, I learned to check my cervix or have DH check my cervix. Otherwise I'd be going in every day, which is ridiculous.
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