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Am I the only one?

For a detailed story of my son's birth please visit here :
^^That's my blog

I was very nervous about having a vaginal birth and in fact didn't want the drugs. But being only 20 and everyone telling me I would need the epidural I gave in. Long story short.. I had to have an emergency cesection (I mean rushing me down the hallway, I was in the twilight zone emergency). I could hear people talking around me, but I couldn't speak. The doctors spoke how they had to get Jax out because he was close to death or dead and that they needed to get him out or I would be going along with him.

While I am extremely happy that all went well and he was a healthy boy, I still feel some sadness because I didn't get to have the birth that I wanted. While talking to my doctor, I asked if I ever had another kid if I could have a VBAC she said she would not perform one and that she wasn't aware of anyone that would.

I feel so sad that my baby had to be born this way. He didn't get to breastfeed till like 3 hours after he was born, due to I had to have Xray, because they hadn't had time to count instruments. Don't get me wrong me and my child are happy and extremely close.

What are my options if I have another child, is Csection the only way?
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