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Re: Am I the only one?

Yes it was most likely fetal distress. I hated being induced, I had went in that thursday (I gave birth on Tuesday) and was sent home with 2 min apart contractions and was told to wait and lay down and try not to encourage anything until my induction on Tuesday. Needless to say... Thursday to Tuesday was MISERABLE for me!

I wish I had had the money for a home birth now that I look back.

Originally Posted by KiltedKingdom View Post
Sorry you didn't get the birth you wanted.

Why did you end up needing a c-section? There are lots of women who have c-sections then have vaginal births afterwards (my sister is one of them).

I've even heard that the risks after having one c-section aren't very great, but they increase exponentially after having 2 or more.

ETA: I just read your story. If it were me, I would refuse induction for as long as possible and attempt a vbac. It sounds like the fetal distress was a result of the rushed labor, hopefully next time will be a better experience for you.
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