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Re: Am I the only one?

If you do need another C-section, planned are often so much different from emergency. For various reasons, all three of mine were planned, so I don't know exactally what an emergency c-section is like, but my planned ones seemed much easier than your section. After they did the spinal, they allowed my husband in the room for the entire time. I was very "with it" the whole time and could tell medical staff if I was feeling nautious or having any other problems and they could address it. I remember my children's births and they all never left the operating room until I was holding them. It was frustrating that I did not get to hold them or even get a good look at them until they were about 15 minutes old as I couldn't leave the table and the nurses were tending to them in another part of the room. I did however, get to hear every squeal, squeek, and cry and as soon as the babies were ready, they brought them over for my husband to hold and for me to admire. I was able to hold all of them once the procedure was done and then we all went to the recovery room where I could breastfeed right away (usually 1/2 hour to 45 minutes after birth).

If a VBAC is an option you should certainly look into it, but please don't fear that another c-section will be as challenging as your son's birth.

Good Luck!
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