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Re: Newborn has Acid Reflux - NEED HELP MAMAS!

DS was diagnosed with severe reflux at 3 days old (diagnosed via barium swallow). It was horrible! He turned blue a couple times from choking on spit up. UGH!

Zantac is nasty. We had a hard time even getting DS to take it. After about a month we switched to Axid and it was wonderful. DS was also on a second medicine called Reglan. It's controversal since long term use has some nasty side effects. Reglan is used to move along the digestive system, emptying the stomach faster so there is less to spit up.

If your child was prescribed Zantac, how long before you saw improvement?

DS's was within a couple days, but again he was severe.

Did the Zantac at any point make the reflux go away entirely? If so, approximately how long after starting it?

DS stopped taking the meds around 10 months. His didn't go away entirely, but we no longer needed the meds to keep his food down. Zantac, Axid, Prevacid and the like just reduce the burning, they don't "cure" it. We switched to regular old Mylanta. Now DS doesn't need anything. I've read that they do eventually grow out of it, so I'm guessing that's the case with DS.

I am breastfeeding, and she eats very well. Does my diet affect her reflux?

There is a list of foods that could potentially make the reflux worse. Not every food on tht list will effect your kiddo, but if she is having problems you can try eliminating from that list one at a time to see if it helps. The only thing that DS had issues with was me drinking milk. I could have cheese, yogurt, etc...but milk caused issues every time!! He still has issues with cow's milk.

We bought a special inclined pillow for her to sleep on, and we are keeping her inclined after feedings.

This is great!! DS loved to sleep in his swing because the incline was perfect. I also wore him in the tummy to tummy position in a sling.

Are there other things we can be doing?

DS naturally wanted to nurse every hour. He would do small frequent nursings. This helped soothe his throat and since they were smaller meals he had less to reflux up. So I highly encourage feeding on demand vs. a schedule.

Also BF for as long as possible!! DS had a lot of flare ups once I started supplementing with formula.
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