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Originally Posted by mamaspice
Do you use wool as both diaper cover and clothing? Do you always fasten your prefolds?

If so, go with fitteds...
That's exactly what I do. I love prefolds with snappis in a jelly roll or angel wings fold but I've had to much trouble with leaks when just trifolding and stuffing in a cover. Now DD isn't agreeing to keep her but still while I'm folding them and it's not to bad now but I see it getting worse.

I love the Tinkle Traps idea because you are absolutely right, the Bummis are to long and narrow right now.

I think I'll get one red workhorse and one brown and see which works. DD is long and skinny with a pretty high rise, her Thirsties Duo that we have is totally unsnapped and I still fight to get it to fit right. Hence the new diapers and covers needed (covers are easy we are going all wool, mostly as clothes).

I love diaper buying time, just wish I wasn't so wishy-washy, so thank you all for the help. If anyone has any other sized fitteds to suggest let me know
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