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Re: Diaper Sores! HELP!!!

Originally Posted by the_oz_girl View Post
It sounds like there's something in your diapers that isn't coming out. There may also be a skin sensitivity involved.
How often are you changing the cloth? whenever he is wet usually, maybe every 3 hours or so..

What diapers/fabrics are you using? these are sunbaby one size, with the inserts.

What ointments? What powders? I've tried ALLLl the common ointments, and powders.. usually I use nothing, but I've tried these to solve the problem and none of the usual ones worked.. way too many to list.

What detergent do you use? no detergent really, just dawn and sometimes borax and baking soda.

What is your normal routine for washing, from storing the used ones to drying the clean ones?they are stored in a basket, and washed one cold wash and one hot wash with dawn ,then dried in the dryer.

At any point do the diapers smell? What about dry, just been peed in, been peed in a while ago, been stored a while, just any time? If they do, what do they smell like? YES! When he is good and wet, like the first diaper of the morning, they can REALLY wreak of ammonia smell! .. I have often wondered how to deal with that!
What do you mean by 'stripping' your diapers? Everyone has a different idea of what that means. I've stripped with several hot water washes until no suds, sometimes I've used vinigar, and or baking soda.
What do the sores/rash look like? What happens before they show up?
usually I notice them after he poops, and the poop has been on his skin. They are small raw sores. no skin on top of them.
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