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Re: Diaper Sores! HELP!!!

It began as small red bumps and a rashy looking area. I thought diaper rash, no big deal, switched to sposies for 2 days and used Bordeux's butt paste, which works like magic on DD1. Gone. But it kept coming back. Then it got worse. It developed into a red area, with these blister/whitehead pimple almost looking things. Then they opened up and looked like open sores, and got scabby. I changed wash routine, stripped diapers, tried a tighter fit (thought chafing maybe???), finally I texted a picture to my doctor. She said looks like staph, try putting neosporin on it once a day (or twice, I don't remember) for 5-7 days, and if no improvement we'll get something stronger. After 1 day of Neosporin it looked less red and angry, but three it was healed over scabs and no redness, but 7 is was basically gone.
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