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Re: Did anyone have Medicaid and do Homebirth?

Originally Posted by MyKzooFamily View Post
Yeah, I was counting on paying her for a home birth, I'm pretty sure they don't cover that here. Luckily I don't think it should be too expensive, as a full prenatal care and delivery package is only $1400-$1600 total. So hopefully it won't be too much. I'll have to see if she would even take me, as I'm already almost 31 weeks. But since I just saw her last April for my last birth I don't think it should be a problem.

I thought maybe I should just deal with the hospital stuff I hate.. but UGH. It will drive me nuts and ruin the experience. I HATE the way I get treated there. I don't need my vaginal area checked every 2 hours. It's bleeding and swollen, just like it should be. The baby doesn't need to be checked every 2 hours. I know how to change diapers, feed them, and if she stops breathing I'll let you know. I CAN sleep with my baby, I won't drop or kill her. No, I can't get any sleep on these darn hospital beds. No, I don't want you to do blood tests that make her scream, especially when you are horrible at drawing blood and have to squeeze her foot until it's blue for like 30 minutes. No, I will not let her sleep in the bin, she should be close to me, as she was before I delivered her. Quit asking me how breastfeeding is going, and asking the LC to check in. No, I will not give you a time sheet with my bathroom breaks and shower schedule. No, I don't need a 2 hour discharge summary of how to take care of a baby.

UGH.. just so much.
Geez, mama, that's nuts! I've had 2 hospital births and neither had anywhere near the ivasiveness you describe.
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