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Originally Posted by pkhotshot
I know I'm late to this post, but wanted to add to it!

I see Dr. Linnerson out of Contemporary Care for Women, the Tempe office at McClintock and Guadalupe. I saw/interviewed him for the first time fully-clothed in his office, which was great! I had to be induced at 41 1/2 weeks, but he knew we wanted to avoid Pitocin and epidural. He did prostaglandin (a topical to help ripen my cervix) for 14 hrs, then broke my water. He gave me time to progress and said that as long as I was progressing well, he would not give me Pit. We were able to have a natural birth! I delivered at Banner Desert and the nurses there were absolutely fantastic and supportive; nobody ever even suggested an epidural!

As for VBACs, because Contemporary Care for Women has 24/7 on call docs at Banner Desert, they will do them. One of our nurses had a successful one with one of the other docs there.
I have heard good things about this office!

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