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Re: Newborn has Acid Reflux - NEED HELP MAMAS!

One of my twins was on zantac and reglan as well as maloxx and caffenine when she was born. She had reflux which also led to apnea, so she was on an apnea monitor. We that she did best sleeping on the fisher price infant to toddler chair with rolled up blankets on her sides.
She did great on all the meds but you have to up the dose of zantac with weight increases as the doses will be less effective as they gain weight. As her apnea improved she was taken off the meds and was free and clear by 7 months.
We also thought she had colic for that time but apparently the reglan made her REALLY cranky all the time...when she got off it a new baby was given to us...she was finally happy.
Best of luck to you and your DC,
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