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Re: Winter wonders chat 1-13

AOTD- Not sure. When we first got married we both wanted 5 kids. But I have quick fast intense labors and have tore with both girls so i'm not sure now if i can put my body through that another 3 times. I'll see what my dr says about how i'm healing this time at my 6 week checkup. We would be happy with 1 more but we shall see. I also have some fertility issues so who knows, i may not be able to get pregnant again. If thats the case i'm content with 2. I didnt want DD1 to be an only child.

Its snowing here, has been all night. DH said its pretty slick. I'm kind of glad for a snow day finally, such a good day to stay in pj's with my girls.

edit- post partum mamas- am i the only one aching to dtd already?? I'm not even 2 weeks pp but its driving me nuts that i cant.. physically i'm not near ready yet, but emotionally i'm ready. i miss dh in that way.
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