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Re: Winter wonders chat 1-13

AOTD- I am definitely feeling done, and completely happy with the thought of four kiddos - but that could change after I have Dylan, lol. DH is currently refusing to get the big V, and I'm not going to get my tubes tied in fear of the nasty possibly, life long side affects. Not sure on B/C, either, lol! So he better get it done, or either we won't DTD, or we will have another baby!
I'm feeling like you, this is baby #4, pregnancy # 5, and after being cut the first time, and tearing 2 of the other times from front to back, I'm not feeling like I should keep doing that too many more times. I'm fearing it this time around.

Ugh, I have been up since about 2am, with horrible heartburn, and feeling like I can't breath. No fun. We were all out of Tums, of COURSE! My dad wanted to get together with me to go get DS a haircut, and get some new jeans for DD2, and new shoes for DD1, but I highly doubt I will be up for that today. I feel pretty exhausted.
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