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Talking Re: I gave in and bought

Originally Posted by mrsashleyo View Post
Super cute mama! I love when you just find the exact thing you wanted!
Thanks mama, I am so happy, they had took it down from their website as well so finding it was very difficult. I am glad it's back up, they only had some other zebra bag on the site that's $80
Originally Posted by Mama_Destiny View Post
That's a super cute bag Sally! I'm glad you were able to get the one you really wanted!
Thanks mama
Originally Posted by Lady_B View Post
Cute! Dh would refuse to carry it if it was like that lol. I got a grey one at Walmart I like. The last one was a 31 century bag and I never saw it in person before I ordered it , just loved the idea of our last name on it so it got it. Suit case lol. I used it to pack all dd formula etc on trips in it.
Yeah, my dh won't be carrying this bag but it's ok with me
Originally Posted by cheetah mommy View Post
There you go again Sally. I SO want that bag but have been waiting for it to go on sale. I will have to check out Target out here today. Congrats! Great find!
Click on find a store and then call them, give them that DPCI# and they will be able to tell you if they have any in and if they're clearanced I hope you find one on clearance too.
Originally Posted by abbi_n_nadia View Post
Woohoo so glad you were able to get the one you wanted! So cute!

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Thanks mama! i already packed all her things into it last night

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