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anyone nurse 3 before? tandem, not triplets

I nursed my first son, Efrim, all the way through my second pregnancy, and tandem nursed both boys until about six weeks ago (at 13 and 28 mos.)

I got pregnant when DS2, Julian, started solids, just like last time, only Julian was a lot rougher nursling, and it was getting really painful this time around. Both boys got to the point of nursing only if I asked or initiated the nursing session. The only time they asked for milk was first thing in the morning in our bed.

I really think I was nearly dry. I didn't dry up last time, but the painfulness and their lack of interest indicate to me that not much was coming out.

So the week before Thanksgiving I just started getting up when they did, instead of lying i bed, and quit asking if they wanted to nurse before naps and such. Within two weeks they were completely weaned. I never had to say no. I think it was just like weaning should be.

BUT they have both been sick with one thing after another ever since. I know it is a cold yucky season, but they just didn't used to get sick very often. I am so frustrated, and feel like I've taken away a defense that was helping them so much.

Julian has been curious about my breasts a lot lately, and I am figuring he will start nursing again when my milk comes in for little one. Nursing was never much of an emotional relationship with him like it was with my older son, so I am kind of looking forward to this opportunity, now that he interacts more.

Here is my question though, after all of that background. I think if I offer it my 2 yo will nurse some again if I have milk, and it may help his immune system so he can quit getting bronchitis, but is that crazy? to restart nursing a 30 mo after he weaned so willingly? will it take too much from the new baby or will my body be able to keep up? I just want him to quit being sick all of the time. I feel guilty for stopping when they were both happy.
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