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Re: Newborn has Acid Reflux - NEED HELP MAMAS!

When Kyla was 4 months old she was prescribed Zantac. She was also a "silent refluxer". After three weeks of it doing pretty much nothing I took her back to the ped and she was prescribed Prevacid and did much better. When she was 6 months we took her off the Prevacid and she was fine. She outgrew the reflux.

From the time she was 2 months to 6 months I stayed away from dairy products and that did help too. Maybe give that a shot and if the Zantac doesn't work don't be afraid to ask for something else.

Good Luck!

ETA: We also had a wedge under her mattress and she seemed to sleep better with that. We also had to make sure she was elevated for a half an hour after each feeding. She always liked being upright much better than laying down.

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