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hernias in pregnancy-my experience

Hi everyone. I wanted to share my experience in case there was anyone else experiencing the same thing and looking for answers. When I was around 5-6 months along with dd I was doing a little running a few days a week but had to stop because I felt a pulling/tearing sensation just above my belly button and a little to the left. I stopped running because it was getting to be too much even if I wore a support band. I ended up wearing the band all the time because it made the soreness seem a little less intense. Sneezing and coughing really hurt too. I told Dr but they said it was just par for the course-a growing pain type of thing. As my tummy grew I noticed space around my belly button that felt mooshy even when I flexed so I figured I had diastasis recti. After my wonderful little girl came along in June my mw did say the diastasis was a little larger than they'd expect but it would resolve slowly. A few weeks after that I noticed a bulge where I had the soreness and figured I had a hernia. I put off seeing a Dr for a while until the bulge got a bit bigger and the soreness returned. After I had an ultrasound and saw the doc I was scheduled right away for surgery. I ended up having 3 hernias repaired. I luckily didn't have issues nursing dd but still have to wait a few weeks before I can pick her up again. Also doc said though I am prone to hernias I shouldn't have issues with the ones that were repaired if I get pregnant again. Anyways I hope this can be helpful to anyone else who may have questions or be in a similar position. I know I had a ton and had trouble finding answers!
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