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Re: If you gave birth in a small hosptital....

Originally Posted by aggfan View Post
Can laboring moms get an epidural waiting a wait at that hospital? Do women in your area talk/complain/plan around a wait for an epidural?

I am so curious about this because I've never heard women in the US talk as though they'd want an epidural but not be able to get one fast. But it seems that in a hospital without an on-site anesthesiologist, laboring women would have to wait.
I've never once heard of a complaint about waiting for an epidural. Generally they seem to be induced so they would be laboring during the day while anesthesia is already there. However, a large number of moms I talk to are more "naturally minded" and are rarely induced and do not receive epidurals. I do know of a few moms who had emergency c/s and anesthesia was able to get there on time. In my case, I didn't have an epidural as I didn't labor before my c/s (had severe pre-e). I really don't know how long it would take to get an anesthesiologist there in an emergency but I'm guessing they live close by.

*edited to add - There are 3 total hospitals in our area so the majority of moms go to the slightly larger hospitals (still relatively small). Have not heard of any difference between wait time for epidurals between the 3.

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