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Re: August 2012 Due Date List - Sticky Please!

EDD: August 25, 2012
Your Name: (if you would like to share) Catherine
Age: 30
State or Country: Connecticut
How long it took to you to get your BFP: 3 months or 20 days... depending on which way you look at it... I had a very nonstandard ovulation that month and was late with lots of neg tests until we waited a week... and then positive tests!
What number child is this for you: 1
Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH: Scott; step daughter: 11yr; step-son: 6 yr; new puppy: 16 weeks
Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): no idea... we will be happy if the pregnancy is successful and the baby is healthy!
Birth Plans/Preferences: we live 2 blocks from a hospital, so that is a given, but other than that I want as natural as possible: vaginal birth and no drugs if possible.
Other: We just got married in the beginning of September soon after my 30th birthday, so starting a new life together in a new house! Our step children are homeschooled, primarily with their mom, but when they visit I take over that teacher role, since they visit for a few weeks at a time. Talk about going from being a young single girl in her 20s... to being a homeschooling mom overnight! I love the kids and my new family... and it certainly is always a learning and growing experience
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