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Re: 7mth old not intreasted in solids, should I be worried?

My DS1 was exclusively BF until 6-7 months when I switched to formula. I never tried cereal or anything with my kids until 6 months old. I tried him and he was not interested and didn't know what to do with the spoon- just kept sticking out his tongue. I waited for a while longer and tried again, so he didn't have any solids until 8 months and is totally fine. As long as he's satisfied with BM and doesnt have any interest in food, your son will be fine,too. Doesn't sound like he needs extra calories or nutrition at this point since he's a chunker.
Now you would never know my son didn't want food, as he is 13 and loves to eat! I wouldn't stress about it and he'll let you know when he's ready.
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