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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

I started ec-ing when my dd was about two weeks old. I had heard about ec before I became pregnant and thought the idea made a lot of sense. Then I was in Nepal during my first trimester and saw lots and lots of babies without diapers, peeing and pooping on cue. I thought that was the neatest thing ever--it's still so amazing to me that babies can do that! Anyway, seeing all those ec babies in Nepal gave me the confidence to try it with my dd.
We're pretty laid-back; I started by taking her to the sink every time I changed her diaper. Soon she started peeing once in a while. If I really paid attention she could keep her diaper dry for most of the day. A couple weeks ago she started pooping once a day at the same time, and that made it really easy for me to catch it.
She's now eight weeks old and mostly poops on the potty (or rather in the sink!) and we're working on learning her pee cues so we can catch those too. EC has been fun for our family--I get most of her smiles when I'm holding her over the sink.
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