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Re: If you gave birth in a small hosptital....

According to that site, my hospital has a total of 215 beds(between two locations). There is no nursery or NICU. When I delivered DD, I did have to wait about an hour to get my epidural. It was in the middle of the night, but the doctor was super nice. My epidural didn't work, but the doctor was cool and really tried to get it working.
My family practice doctor delivered her, so she was called when I went in and she made the call to admit me. They consulted with her over the phone until maybe three hours before I delivered and then she came in. If I had needed a c-section, she had a back up OB that would have been called.
With DS, I had a new dr, an OB this time, since my dr stopped doing OB. She is in a practice of 5 OB's, so I would get the on call dr(from the office of my dr) if I went in after hours or on a weekend. I happened to go into labor on my dr's day off, so I got the on call, which was fine. I had met her before. There is no full time OB at this hospital.
For the epidural, the birth center now uses nurse anesthetists instead of doctors, so there is always one on the floor. He.was.awesome.
As for peds, there is no full time doctor there. Most patients have already chosen a doctor for the baby and that doctor will come to the hospital 12-24hrs after birth. They will also discharge the baby. There is a ped that is called if there is no doctor chosen prior to birth. If there is an emergency, they can keep baby stable until an ambulance or Life Flight can take them to the bigger hospital 30 minutes away.
I absolutely loved my births at this hospital. IF we have another, it will be there. The birth center(they don't call it L & D at all anymore) is so calm and peaceful. The birthing suites are huge, with jacuzzi tubs in all of them. The nurses are amazing. Every one of mine(only three, but still) was an LC. If it weren't for them, I would have given up BF before we even left. I did FF with DD, just because I wasn't sure on breastfeeding, but with DS, I really wanted to. We had issues at first, but my nurses were just amazing. They never ONCE suggested formula. DS had jaundice pretty bad and went home on a bili blanket. I was instructed to nurse, nurse, nurse. Never a word about supplementing. Yet, they are supportive of FF moms, too. Neither of my sisters wanted to bf and they brought them formula with no questions asked. If you are a bit unsure, they can have a LC come see you, but they do not push anything on you.
Anyway, my small town hospital experience was amazing! I love the personal care you get.
Also, my labors progressed very slowly, like a cm every 3-4hrs. We were basically left alone, with the lights turned down so we could sleep for the majority of the time. I actually had to ask to be checked four or so hours after we got there because I wanted to know if I had made progress. They would check, tell me I was doing great and leave. The dr came in once, told me I was a 5 and she would be back after office hours. Then she came back to deliver. The dr and nurses actually told me that if everything was going well, there was no need to rush things.

ETA: This hospital doesn't deliver before 35wks. You would be sent by ambulance to the bigger hospital if you went into labor before then and they couldn't stop it. My sister went into labor at 31wks and they managed to stop it with terb. Otherwise, off to the big city she would have gone.
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