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Your best bet is to pick them out individually. Good luck trying to find information on this though. I was just discussing this in the "vent over" thread with another person. We both came up with completely different information. For instance, I read that inanimate objects like bedding, hats, brushes and all that shouldn't even be bothered with cleaning because if a lice falls off a head then it is going to go looking for a host and will most likely die within the first day because of no food and water loss. But she found information that said to wash all things that can be washed and to tie up stuffed animals and such for 14 days because some live and nits can become dormant. We both have different information and believe different things but both of our information has worked for us.

I personally used olive oil and a nit comb and just brushed her hair for an hour or so every night for a few days in a row. We got less and less each night and finally came up clear of bugs. About a week later I started again and caught the newly hatched ones. we must have got all of those too or the lice didn't like the olive oil because they left. I washed her pillows and sheets but that was it. It was time for a wash anyways though. Lol. We didn't bag up toys or anything. But others will recommend doing all of that. Maybe it's quicker to get rid of the lice but either way picking them with a nit comb is going to help you get most of them gone the quickest.
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