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Need some advice/ help to plan a last minute c-section...

So I am coming to terms with the idea that my beautiful vbac I imagined to heal me from my previous emergency c-section is probably not going to happen.
I am now 5 days passed my due date and I am being sent to a OB on Tuesday to discuss options. I have been seeing my MW every couple days to see if there is anything she can do (stetch & sweep, etc.) to help things along but baby isn't even engaged, cervix high and closed. She actually said yesterday baby seemed to be higher.

Last time I had a section it was an emergency situation where I had to be given a general because my platelet count was low and it was too risky for an epidural/spinal. Last week my levels showed that I had dropped again. I have already been told that if my platelets are under 80 000 that I will have to have a general again. ;(

Last time I didn't get to see or meet my son until he was almost 2 hours old. Dh was not allowed in the OR because I was given a general. It was terrible for both of us. I met my son for the first time in front of all of my family (ILs) and they had already been with him for 2 hours. I was the last to know that he was a boy. It was awful.

So this time I want to go in with at least a little bit of a plan or to know what to ask for.

I was thinking of asking why DH isn't allowed in the OR just because I am under a general, why should he not allowed to be in there?
I was also considering to ask that baby and DH be brought to recovery with me? That way when I wake up they are there? Is that even possible?

What other things can I ask for? Please help. Thanks.
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