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Baby could be posterior which can be indicated by a high closed cervix with an unengaged head. Check out some techniques to get baby in a better position to engage at pelvic tilts/rocks, sleeping on left side with right leg high up and bent, a 30 second inversion to relax pelvic floor muscles and establish better balance and repositioning, all could help.

I totally know how you feel. I never went into labor on my own until my third child until 43 weeks....I was hoping for vba2c. My cervix was high, closed and baby unengaged too. I just kept saying no to a c-section and I was going to wait. The midwives and doctors freaked out of course but it was still my choice. I had a successful labor (although very long....5 days) and dilated to 10cm and pushed forever only to discover a posterior acynclitic fetal position, terrible for birthing, so I had another surgical birth. I wish I had been more proactive with fetal positioning prior to labor. That's why I mention it to you.

I am trying for vba3c in May. I just gotta keep trying, I learn a lot with each birth.
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