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Re: fibronectin positive cervix thin

Originally Posted by fish3737 View Post
That could be very true about the medication. My brother's wife had twins last year. I do know that at the hospital she was at they did use terb and procardia. But had she been at my brother's hospital (he is an OB) - it is a teaching hospital - she would not have been given those medications. His hospital was more cutting edge and current being a teaching hospital. The one she delivered at was more traditional.

As far as the FFN they typically do it up until you would be into the 34 week window. They use it to determine whether to administer the steroid shots. If you are past 34 weeks they don't give the steroid shots for lung maturity - so they don't do the FFN.
That would explain why my Peri stopped doing them at 34 weeks then!

To the OP, I know that no one wants their baby to be born early but it's great that you are just about 35 weeks. We were very fortunate that our 36 weeker did not need any medical intervention except for giving her formula because of low blood sugar. That's not what I wanted but honestly, I was so out of it right after my c/s that I didn't even know what was going on. She only spent about 6 hours in the NICU and then she came to be with us and I was able to start breastfeeding.

Again, I know that no one wants an early baby but at least you are far enough along that your baby will likely do very well and need minimal, if any, intervention. And, you may not go into labor for weeks! You may have a full term baby in the end. Wishing you the best!
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