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Re: My sweet little baby....will claw your eyes out.

Since my ds actually took a crescent sized chunk out of my eye that required medical treatment I don't let his hands anywhere near my eyes. Of course when it happened my reflex was a very loud OUCH. I had to immediately put him down and get dh because I couldn't open my eyes. DS is pretty wary around my eyes now. When he looks like he is heading for my eyes I intercept his hand and say stay away from my eyes, boy- jokingly. Its a really big joke around here these days. Mil had to come stay for a day because I couldn't see and everything hurts. It really, really hurts. I think stern NO's, OUCHES and interception will help. We also tend to flatten his palm and show him how to touch cheeks rather then poke fingers in noses, mouths and eyes.
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