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Re: Thailand humidity?

I lived in thailand for 3 years. Just moved back in August. Laundry isn't an issue, even with humidity. Thais hang dry all their laundry. We hung most of ours as well. It dries very fast in the sun. Thailand has 3 seasons. The rainsy season is from June-Oct. It rains daily and this is the most humid time of year. The cool season is mid Nov- Feb. Temperatures are still pretty warm but humidity is much less. Very pleasant time of year. The hot season is March- June. Very hot and dry. No rain usually and temperatures run around 100. More humid than the cool season but not as bad as rainy season. This central thailand and south. Temperatures are a bit milder in the northern areas like Chang Mai.

You won't find cloth diapers there so bring all you need.

Where will you be living? We lived 3 years outside of Pattaya.

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