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Re: Need some advice/ help to plan a last minute c-section...

It must be that all hospitals run a little differently. I agree that you need to make your wishes known. I had my first two LOs via emergency C. DH was in the OR in the 1st, but they eventually had to knock me out during the procedure. The 2nd go round DH was again in the OR and they even waited on him (he was umpiring a bball game). Anyway, I can relate to you as my platelets dropped also...drastically, but I don't know how low. I had HELLP and pre-eclampsia with the 1st 2 pregs.

All this to say, ask questions, make your voice heard and see what compromise can come to play. I think if you're awake in recovery, you should definitely get to request your baby be brought to you. Nurses are in such a hurry to bathe the babies that they don't think about the feelings of the mom (IMO).
I know its hard not getting to hold your baby after its taken out of your womb, but I've made sure my DH was with the babies each time (and they did go to the NICU). He atleast was in eye sight of them.

I feel like having c-sections we really do miss out on the whole birthing cutting the cord, holding the baby, or bfing right away.

Well good luck to you and I hope you get to meet your precious baby soon and in a positive, peaceful way.
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