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Re: Did anyone have Medicaid and do Homebirth?

Originally Posted by songbird516 View Post
I'm in Virginia and have medicaid just for the pregnancy but it's not doing me a whole lot of good, because they will not cover CPMs, and there are no CNMs that can do homebirths because they have to work with an OB, which just doesn't happen around here. Apparently Medicaid used to cover 60% of a homebirth, but just changed their policy last year, and now they only cover services that are referred and performed by "medical" providers. he CPM license doesn't count since it's not a nursing one. Believe me, I had this argument with them, and they don't care that it's saving them money; it's a policy thing. I even tried to fight it, but got like 3 letters saying that my appeal was denied.

I'm not happy about it, since both midwives I talked to said that at least half would be covered. My midwife is discounting her services because of all of this trouble, but it's still a lot more money out of my pocket than I wanted to pay, and kind of defeats the purpose of having medicaid in the first place. So far the only thing that they have paid for is the initial labs and my one ultrasound.
Actually, VA medicaid does cover CPMs bc around here (northern VA), almost all the MWs take medicaid. And medicaid covers all the prenatals and birth, but there can be some OOP expenses. I can't afford those expenses which is why I am not having a homebirth. Birthcare MWs are CNMs and they do homebirths but at this time, they don't accept medicaid. Medicaid is notorious for giving MWs the runaround, saying they will pay everything and then the MWs have to chase them for payment, etc, which is why I think they have these OOP expenses, so that they get something. I did have a bad experience where I got dropped by a MW at 35 wks bc Medicaid wasn't paying for her previous births and she didn't want to get jipped on my birth (she wasn't charging me any OOP), so I got screwed. :/
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