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Re: Did anyone have Medicaid and do Homebirth?

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
Actually, VA medicaid does cover CPMs bc around here (northern VA), almost all the MWs take medicaid. And medicaid covers all the prenatals and birth, but there can be some OOP expenses. I can't afford those expenses which is why I am not having a homebirth. Birthcare MWs are CNMs and they do homebirths but at this time, they don't accept medicaid. Medicaid is notorious for giving MWs the runaround, saying they will pay everything and then the MWs have to chase them for payment, etc, which is why I think they have these OOP expenses, so that they get something. I did have a bad experience where I got dropped by a MW at 35 wks bc Medicaid wasn't paying for her previous births and she didn't want to get jipped on my birth (she wasn't charging me any OOP), so I got screwed. :/
I'm in SW VA and they did not pay my CNM last January.
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