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Re: Did anyone have Medicaid and do Homebirth?

Wanted to add that you can also look into bartering for all or part of a midwive's fee. any skill you have might be something useful to the midwife, even if it's housecleaning or paperwork--or something more unique.

I built a website and designed a logo for the midwife who attended one of my births, and my placenta encapsulation specialist bartered with me for henna art for her whole family when they went to the RenFaire.

I'm in Texas, and they took for-EV-er to approve my pregnancy medicaid--but all I even wanted it for was backup/emergency care. I ended up not even going to see an OB/GYN once, tho I had one picked out that I knew was fairly respectful to homebirth/alternative health. I had doula/midwifery care from several mamas I know who were happy to barter for the very minimal prenatal care I wanted.

I hope you find a solution that works for you!
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