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Re: Lice!!

I don't know how green this is, but when we had lice a couple of years ago, this is what we did...

I made a mayo, white vinegar, tea tree oil mixture and saturated all of our heads. Wrapped in a plastic bag (shower cap would work, but I used what I had on hand) for 2 hours. Then we washed our hair with BLUE Dawn. Next, we slathered our heads with coconut Suave conditioner (wonder if coconut oil would have worked. They are repelled by coconut) and combed out the hair (with conditioner on hair). Then we washed our hair with maximum strength Denerex (it has salicylic acid), left that on for 5 mins and then applied the coconut conditioner again and rinsed as directed. I also washed all of our bedding on our sanitary cycle and put the pillows in the dryer on HIGH heat for an hour. Mixed a solution of tea tree oil and water and sprayed the beds, furniture and upholstery in the car with it. We did the shampoo/conditioner routine daily along with combing for about 2 weeks and I sprayed the pillows, beds and furniture daily (the car I sprayed after we rode in it during that 2 weeks). It was probably over kill, but after the first treatment I NEVER saw another bug or nit again and I wanted to make sure they didn't pop up again! I was determined to NOT get a pesticide!

Good luck momma!

Oh, also my mom used this product when she was a teacher and she NEVER got lice when there was an outbreak...
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