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Re: hCg and Progesterone results...

Originally Posted by AmeliasMum View Post
Ok, was on Clomid days 5-11 (yes, 7 days at 100mgs) Dr said it would help my LP. Now said Dr, whom I was not fond of, is gone for at least 3mnths on a Family Medical issue on the East Coast. The Dr she "left" her patients to, does NOT handle OB cases. So I am stuck finding a new Dr. I headed into the Clinic to have my labs drawn. Got a random FP Dr. After I pitched an Unholy fit, she finally ordered my hCg and Prog tests. At 18DPO my beta was 1060 and Progesterone was 60. At 20DPO beta was 2146, no repeat on the P4. So the Dr informs me that because I was was on Clomid, I am 34, have had 3 children, and I am breastfeeding, my odds of twins are too high for her to see me again. And on that note she said if I wanted a scan done, I would have to go through a complete Patient Intake with her, just for the scan. But chances are she wouldn't see me as a Prenatal patient. WTH? So she is willing to charge my insurance for all the new labs, and all the rest of the intake crap, just to refuse me in the long run. Not doing it. I just had a Pap and complete and total yearly exam the end of October, and I am not wanting to have it repeated again. So, then I learn in this state, most OB's won't take you if you are carrying multiples, so I would have to look for a high risk OB. Mind you, I am just over 5wks, and have NO idea if I am carrying one kiddo or 4 for goodness sake. So I am once again left with the option of waiting a week or so, and heading to the ER, saying I have pain somewhere and having the scan done there, before I can even proceed in finding a Dr. Do my levels seem high? I have done all the checking on Beta sites and calculators and such, and yes, they are above normal. Out of my 3 pg's. two were twin pg's. One vanished between weeks 6 and 12, and one was a collapsing sac at 7wks. And those were unmedicated cycles. Should I just suck it up and head to the ER between weeks 6-7 and see what can be seen? I still have bad PTSD from my last babe's Hossy birth (first two were Unassisted Homewater Births.) So I really want to be sure if I have to have a high risk OB, that I don't find a standard OB I like only to have to switch. So much of all of this is just based on assumption. I feel like I am running into brick wall after brick wall.
Your numbers sound perfect for doubling 48hrs, healthy singleton pregnancy. The number its self means nothing, it is the doubling rate that matters. I would try to find a real doc, because who you were left with is not a doc IMO. Good luck and congrats!
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