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Hi girls :-) I'm checking in. Lol. I've been trying to limit my DS time because... I need to stop buying diapers. Ugh! I just can't resist checking out the boards! :-/. But I'm getting pretty frustrated with not finding a diaper that works for my girl! They're too big, too small, serging chafes her, gaping legs, and it goes on and on. Sigh. I'm just about ready to give up.

We've had a couple of rough patches of her not sleeping, but thank goodness we cosleep. She actually did sleep two full nights in her crib lol. I woke up VERY full and sore. I love Darius Rucker, so I remind myself about his song, "It won't be like this for long.".

She just turned 8 months old and I feel so sad that my last baby is growing so fast!! She still hates to be on her tummy, and is not showing any interest in crawling or rolling, but she does "scoot" on her butt while sitting. Sigh, and the teeth?! OUCH! Both middle upper and lower are in. Eeeks and she grinds her teeth. Oh, my ears. :-/
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