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Re: My Very Best cloth diapers with gussets: Fitteds and AIO/AI2/Pockets

Thank you. Sounds like a plan.

Originally Posted by QueenBee2three View Post
I love your elephant print! Can I get it in an ai2? Do you have other star wars prints? Do you have anything that would remind my DH of his home costa rica?
Yes, I can make Elephant AI2. I think, I have three prints: Safary, Elephant Walk and Elephants Love

I do not have star war prints. But it is not a problem to find one for you if you really want. Applique is another option.
I do not know what actually remind your DH about his home but we can brainstorm and make something that he likes. What do you think?

Originally Posted by Sidswife View Post
What would the price be 2 make the owl and elephant AI1? I don't have any of those and am curious if I would like those best. Do you have any superman dipes?
Do you want full body prints for the Owls and Elephant Walk or embellished tabs only. Or tabs and waist?

No Superman diapers. Yet. But if you order, I'll make one. Would you like an applique or a scrappy with supperman colors. Or both: scrappy diaper with an applique?
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