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Re: Need some advice/ help to plan a last minute c-section...

Originally Posted by kiwikay View Post
So I am coming to terms with the idea that my beautiful vbac I imagined to heal me from my previous emergency c-section is probably not going to happen.
I am now 5 days passed my due date and I am being sent to a OB on Tuesday to discuss options. I have been seeing my MW every couple days to see if there is anything she can do (stetch & sweep, etc.) to help things along but baby isn't even engaged, cervix high and closed. She actually said yesterday baby seemed to be higher.

Last time I had a section it was an emergency situation where I had to be given a general because my platelet count was low and it was too risky for an epidural/spinal. Last week my levels showed that I had dropped again. I have already been told that if my platelets are under 80 000 that I will have to have a general again. ;(

Last time I didn't get to see or meet my son until he was almost 2 hours old. Dh was not allowed in the OR because I was given a general. It was terrible for both of us. I met my son for the first time in front of all of my family (ILs) and they had already been with him for 2 hours. I was the last to know that he was a boy. It was awful.

So this time I want to go in with at least a little bit of a plan or to know what to ask for.

I was thinking of asking why DH isn't allowed in the OR just because I am under a general, why should he not allowed to be in there?
I was also considering to ask that baby and DH be brought to recovery with me? That way when I wake up they are there? Is that even possible?

What other things can I ask for? Please help. Thanks.
Wow, sounds like what happened with me. I too had a c/s under GA, so I was unconcious, intubated and DH was not in the room with me. I didn't see DS for three hours afterwards and everyone knew he was a boy but me No one else was in the hospital with me but DH, so he was the only one to hold DS. I had asked that no one visit me that day/night because I wanted some time just to bond with DS after such a traumatizing experience. I am opting for an elective scheduled c/s this time around, so there is more control, I'll have a spinal and I'll be awake. I just didn't want to leave anything up to chance again.

To answer some of your questions, your DH was not allowed in the room while you have a GA because you were more than likely intubated, meaning a tube was down your throat, helping you breathe. IMO, it would be pretty disturbing for your DH to see you unconcious and having help to breathe. Also, the medical staff's priority is you and your baby, not worrying about whether your DH can handle seeing you unconcious like that. They have to get the baby out fast when you're under a GA (I was told they have about three minutes) so the less distractions the better. When I had DS, he had to go to the NICU to be monitored because he was born not breathing because of the GA. They had to make sure DS was ok with no lasting effects from the anesthetic. Although it was difficult and traumatizing for me, there really is a reason why the doctors and nurses have rules in place. They're not being mean or anything, they're just trying to keep you and your baby safe and healthy. It doesn't hurt to ask for those things, but those are probably the reasons why things happened the way they did.

As for what else to ask for, if you do have another GA, ask that hte baby be brought to you as soon as possible and for no other family members to hold the baby until you do. If it was me, I wouldn't even want anyone else there again until I could hold and see my baby. I don't think it's an unreasonable request for only you and DH to be the first ones to hold your baby. Unfortunately, when that level of medical intervention is required for the safe delivery of your baby, there's not a whole lot of say in things. If you are awake for your c/s, things will be different and your DH and baby can stay with you the entire time. HTH
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