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Re: Need some advice/ help to plan a last minute c-section...

Thank you everyone for your replies! It does help to hear from others and to hear some other perspectives. It was such a rushed situation that nothing was discussed so it was overwhelming. This time if we end up in a similar situation I want to at least feel like I have some kind of control or at least understand why things are done the way they are done. DH was very good and didn't let family members hold my son before me, but everyone was there when I saw him for the first time, and it just wasn't the intimate experience of meeting the little bundle for the first time that I expected.
This time I am hoping that since we can discuss/plan we will hold off so that I can be a part of introducing baby to family too. I will find out Tuesday what level my platelets are at and whether or not if I have to have a C-section will I be given a General or epidural. Here's hoping for high numbers!
I have HELPP as my bp and everything else is fine, just for some reason my platelets drop while pregnant especially near the end.
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