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Re: 2012 mamas belly pics (keep adding new ones)

6 weeks today!

I'll be taking my baseline pic in the morning. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch... yeah, so not going to take a picture right now. I've been craving BWW for the last 6 months and finally being able to eat there again was amazing! I went a bit overboard. But other than that, I'm doing a pretty good job of being healthy.

I'm 5'4" and am 130. With my first pregnancy I was 125, gained 25lbs, then lost all but the last 5 (though I don't look the same - I'm a lot "softer"). I'd really like to not gain more than 25 again, and then I'm going to work a whole lot harder at losing the baby weight after this one. I keep telling myself I'm not "fat" but when those jeans are hard to buckle, it can be difficult to keep the right perspective. Darn this bloating.
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