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Re: I don't want to be a Mommy Martyr anymore

Freedom, I have a DH who steps in and helps out a lot so that I don't feel this way. I learned early on that I needed to step back and let him so that he could establish his relationship with our children. In turn, it gave me a break and taught the children that Mommy doesn't have to jump just because.

I also have been known to say to my children, "I will make you your second taco after I finish my first. Eat your carrots." or "Bring it to me and I'll fix it." And even, "I am going to finish reading/posting this thread, THEN I'll read that book to you for the 12th time today." They are old enough. They can wait.

Originally Posted by shouldbedoinglaundry View Post
Someone mentioned a cleaning lady...I have been going back and forth on that for awhile and wonder if they think it's worth it? I've often thought that if I get a sitter once a week, I could do it myself and save some money on a service. Thoughts?
I think that if you get a sitter, you will still be on call as Mommy unless you send them off site.
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