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Re: Helpful Homeschool links

Thank you very much for great links. I have saved the ones I think I might use right away to my favorites, and will spend lots of time sorting them and figuring out what to teach who when. It will be fun.

I wanted to contribute some too. Since you all have great resources, I do not have new things to offer as far as teaching general subjects.

I do not know how many of you are intersted in teaching children Japanese language, but in case someone was interested, here is a printable page for Japanese characters. If anything, it might be fun to just give couple pages a try and see what Japanese children their age are learning in school.



There are also practice worksheet for Kanji organized by grade level.
Here are first graders list.
second grade
third grade
forth grade
fifth grade
sixth grade

Printable sheet for practicing Japanese characters (blank)

Writing practice sheet with dotted lines.

Addition Drill printable sheets to help with math speed.

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