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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

I gave EC a try during the first month mostly at night time as I noticed my baby would pee right after a feeding. I used a blanket that had a PUL layer underneath. Later I started using a wool blanket in case of any misses. I got more adventurous during the second month and have been practicing ever since.
Baby's signals have changed several times during the first year and I found good tips on ECing in the books.
It's been both fun and at times frustrating (when you have more misses then catches). I've been doing it full time and part time. I've tried stopping when baby started walking, but she's been showing more interest in it all by herself. DD (15 mo) learned to take her potty to the bathroom for a clean up. She'll also go to the potty and close the door on her way if she needs to poo-poo.
After reading "Once upon a potty", she starting waving bye bye to her pee and poo. So cute!
My husband didn't want to EC at first, but watching me and how easy it was, started picking up on the signals better then me and often takes DD on the potty himself.

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