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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

Well, I am not sure I have a "good vax story" because there ISN'T a story. My kids are fully vaxed. Never had a reaction. All are perfectly healthy. They have no developmental delays, just slow to talk, but that's NORMAL for my family, and not related to vaxes.

I do however have a "bad" non-vax story. Not really "bad," Just a thing to make you go "hmmm."

My oldest was born right around the time the Cpox vax came out. I never got it for her, never saw a need. When she was in kindergarten, she caught c-pox. No big deal. My kid was (and still is) rarely ever sick. C-pox was the worst illness she had ever caught, and she had a pretty typical case. Took the average time to get over it, went back to school and a week later was back home sick with a throat infection. Home a couple of days, antibiotics, back to school. Two weeks later, same thing. Long story short, between Jan 1 and April 1, she had a total of 5 or 6 throat infections, one after another, after getting C-pox. I stopped counting at that point, but her tonsils were so big they were touching and that was really affecting her sleep, not to mention that it's no fun to have a soar throat pretty much all the time. The doc and I agreed it was time for the tonsils to come out, and in August of that year, right after the start of the year, she was out of school AGAIN having her tonsils removed. After having them removed, she was fine. She even got perfect attendance at school the rest of that year and the year after.

Now, there will never be any proof that catching C-pox had anything to do with having her tonsils removed. However, myself and my doctor both firmly agree that catching C-pox affected her immune system to the point where she was unable to recover from the throat infections fully. That she wasn't able to effectively fight them off. We believe this is what caused her tonsils to swell up like they did and require removal. Given how strong immune system was both before and after having had all the rest of her vaxes, I would say that getting the C-pox vax would never have affected her the way catching the actual illness did.
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