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Re: 2,012 items in 2012

Originally Posted by FindingMercy View Post
It ended up being over 500 items out of our basement! My DH is dead set on reaching the goal too and is purging like crazy.
Can yhou have your DH call mine.. would be so much easy and faster if I could get DH on board and I didn't have to argue about getting rid of things.

The other day I sold one thing on craigslist and DH said "why we might use it". My reply was well, we already have one and we don't use it and it's been in the box now for 4 years!!! He argued with me that we don't have one, I had to bring him downstairs and show him where we have it. His reply was "well what if we need two". My reply was "it's been 4 years and we haven't used 1". Let me get rid of it.

He did but seriously the arguement was so dumb. He just wants to hold onto stuff "just incase". I still have stuff new in the box from when we got married almost 10 years ago that he doesn't want me getting rid of. It's frustrating.
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