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Re: My Very Best cloth diapers with gussets: Fitteds and AIO/AI2/Pockets

Originally Posted by olstep View Post
I've been meaning to alter the side snapping pattern for inner gussets. I guess it is time.

I do not have a "waiting list" per se. It is more a "to do" list.
Normally, once I get a payment, I just tell est shipping date. Currently I am booked till the second week of February.
If you like, I can put you on my "to do" list but I can't start till the payment received.

I am curious, how do you like side snapping diapers. Do you find that they work for boys as well as front snapping diapers?
Ok, that would be great, just so you know I am interested. I'm hoping you can do the side snap AI2 and then I'm also interested in your fitteds.

I personally LOVE side snapping diapers for my DS. I think they fit so much trimmer and smoother in the front than front snapping ones. I don't have any girls, so I can't compare how they work for boys vs girls, but I know they are awesome for my moderately wetting 10 month old boy.
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