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More Questions added ....Wool 101? Convert me! ;)

Both myself and other mamas have added new questions in comments, wool experts please help!

Probably a stupid question, but Im still kinda new and CD'ing.

With my last child we CD'ed, but only used various pockets and some covers with inserts/prefolds (mostly homemade) laid inside. ...Oh and a few AIO's.

Now we're expecting baby #3 and Im wanting to try prefolds, flats & fitteds (FINALLY! lol) with covers mostly. Everyone keeps saying these (wool) are all amazingly leakproof at nighttime and etc. Obviously I know what wool is made of (lol), and Ive seen pictures of wool longies and stuff on here before ...but thats literally all I know!

So can someone please tell me a little more about wool? ...Convert me!! .... Doesnt it have a crazy wash routine or something? Wouldnt that be harder than just using covers? Whats the pros and cons? Why do YOU love it? ...If I do try some out, what would you recommend I try and need to have on hand for it?


Ok I have another question... Looking at some of the upcycled sweater Longies and etc, I could totally make these too! Does it have to be 100% or some particular special amount of wool in the sweater? ...and anyone know how I'd do the initial 'lanolinizing' Id assume would need to be done?

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