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Re: Wool 101? Convert me! ;)

Wool isn't more "waterproof", it repels at first but when a diaper gets too soaked wool will absorb so you don't get leaking. Wool is only as good as the diaper underneath though. If you have a very thin diaper under it and the baby is sitting in a swing or exersaucer it may wick through, so you need to have enough absorbency under it. It's great for nights with a good diaper because it will absorb if the diaper gets too full and you won't get leaking on to sheets, at the worst you may get damp cloths but that should be rare. Also wool will allow the urine to evaporate so the baby isn't sleeping in a soggy diaper. And of course there are the benefits of breathablility and temperature regulation. And then it can be very comfy too.
Sizing depends on the soaker type. Wool is streatchy so it does get a good fit. You'll have to check size for specific diapers. But I find disana and woollybottoms fit over some pretty fat diapers. Prefolds are nice and trim under wool but you get more poop on the wool which means more washing (you can wash stains with an olive oil bar soap like Kiss my Face) fitteds keep wool cleaner but give you a big butt.

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