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Re: Wool 101? Convert me! ;)

Why choose wool? Wool is kind of magic. It's not waterproof, but it is water resistant and can absorb about a third of its own weight. Because of this, a properly lanolized wool cover will almost always catch leaks before they reach sheets, clothing, etc. Wool is also antimicrobial, and does not need to be washed after every change. Simply let it air out and it will be ready for the next change! Washing/lanolizing is a simple process- just let woolies soak with some lanolin rich wool wash (or melt some lansinoh and add a squirt of baby shampoo) for at least 30 min, squeeze out excess water (or let them run through a spin cycle in the washer), and let them air dry.

Phew. That's my technical spiel. In all reality, I just plain old LOVE wool! I feel great about having it on my kids, it's so soft and squishy, so cute, and so fuss free. Sure, I have times (like today) when i forget (or am too lazy) to wash and suddenly realize EVERYTHING will need to washed at the same time . . . but the benefits far outweigh any quirks of working with wool. I had given up on CD'ing before I found wool. Have fun trying something new!
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